Morgan J Foery

I am a 19-year-old student artist – fueled by iced tea and bright colors – painting my heart out in Annapolis, Maryland. I am inspired by places I’ve been and pictures I’ve seen. I believe that anything delightful belongs on a canvas.

My Story

Come learn a little bit more about me and my creative process.
I'm sharing where I came from, what I do, and my artist statement.
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@ mjfoery

A glimpse into my creative & colorful life

Today I painted my plain, wooden catch-all tray and bought a pair of earrings that I have had on my wishlist forever so all in all, I say it was a pretty good Sunday
Best way to start a weekend? Macarons and warm tea! 
I have so much to do this weekend but I'm so ready to get it done! 
What are your weekend plans?
On days like these (when I'm stuck in class until 6 and swamped with homework), I reallllly miss summers in Annapolis. I'm officially counting down the days till I can be back home. 
I would really love #myveryownblakely from @blakelymade to bring a little piece of my dreamy Annapolis home to dreary College Park!