Morgan J Foery

I am a 20-year-old student artist – fueled by iced tea and bright colors – painting my heart out in Annapolis, Maryland. I am inspired by places I’ve been and pictures I’ve seen. I believe that anything delightful belongs on a canvas.

My Story

Come learn a little bit more about me and my creative process.
I'm sharing where I came from, what I do, and my artist statement.
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@ mjfoery

A glimpse into my creative & colorful life

My first outfit for fall with @marleylilly is finally up on the blog & I am in love with my new field jacket and tote! Seriously how perfect are these for fall?! Bring on all of the PSLs and sweater weather 🍁☕️🍂
I cannot wait to share this look from @marleylilly with you all on the blog this upcoming week! On a serious note, I'm going to bed praying & sending love down to Florida and the Caribbean. I have so many family memories there and I cannot even imagine how tough it must be for people who live there and/or are currently there. Let's all count our blessings tonight and pray for safety & love for everyone affected. 💕
Have you ever wondered what it's like to intern in Lilly Pulitzer's Print Department?! I interviewed @caitalexandria all about her #lillydreamjob as an Intern this summer and you can read it over on!